Kingdom Come Review
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Thane Coder always thought that gaining more wealth would be as simple as killing his boss, James King. The man keeps passing Thane up for a bigger share in the company, and on the night that James announces theyíre going public with their private corporation, itís just too much for Thane to take. So while his wife, Jessica, makes a deal with the mafia, Thane pretends to work with the FBI to bring down the mafia-run union. But something as simple as a taco throws everything out of whack and out of control.

Instead of a mafia hit man doing the dirty deed, Thane finds himself sneaking into his bossís bedroom one snowy night and stabbing him to death. This sets into motion the cataclysmic fall of Thane and Jessica Coderóan average American couple who became obsessed with wanting more: a bigger house, expensive vacations, and a private jet to get them there. But you donít mess with the mafia or the FBIóespecially if you donít know what youíre doing.

Tim Green has written a high-class thriller that I couldnít stop reading. I was totally fascinated by the downward spiral of one man who allowed circumstances and people (especially his wife) to control him to the point of no return. Yet, I liked Thane Coder to a certain extent. He had a sense of humor, and he most definitely wasnít the mastermind behind the events that lead to his downfall. You probably wonít shed any tears for Jessica when she meets an ironic end. The deeper Thane fell in, the less he resembled himself. Throughout the novel, Thane talks to his shrink trying to justify what he did by saying that anyone would have done the same thing in his situation. The shrink didnít agree, and neither did I. In the end, Thane becomes an object of pity.

Kingdom Come is a great read with an ironic twist. It hammers home the meaning of gaining the whole world but losing your soul.

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