One Cold Night Review
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For years, Susan Bailey-Strauss has been keeping a secret—a secret that she hasn’t even told her fourteen-year-old sister, Lisa, or her husband, Dave. One October night, Susan decides it’s time to tell the truth. But when she opens up to Lisa, things don’t go as well as Susan had hoped. Lisa storms out of the house in anger and confusion, and Susan anxiously waits for her to return. As the minutes pass, Susan becomes more and more worried about her little sister, alone on the streets of New York late at night.

By the time Dave, an NYPD detective, returns home from work two hours later, Susan is beside herself in fear. And when the two go out looking for Lisa, they find clues that suggest that Lisa didn’t just decide to run away from home—and that she’s not alone.

But even more horrifying are the clues that connect Lisa’s disappearance to an unsolved case that still haunts Dave. Just a year ago, a man who became known as The Groom kidnapped another young girl, and Dave fears that Lisa’s disappearance may be The Groom’s revenge on the detective who had spent a year tracking him.

One Cold Night mixes heart-pounding suspense with heart-wrenching drama. Readers follow along with Dave as he races to find Lisa before it’s too late—and they stay behind with Susan, who struggles with the heartbreaking possibility of never seeing Lisa again. At times, the drama may be a bit much for serious suspense-seekers, but it helps bring the characters to life—and it makes the story especially appealing to female readers. While most of the characters are well-developed, however, a few of the especially intriguing characters are given little explanation, which makes the ending feel somewhat abrupt.

Still, Pepper writes with solid, edge-of-your-seat suspense. You’ll have a hard time putting this one down—and even when you do set it down, you’ll find yourself looking for any opportunity to pick it back up again (like at red lights…or while you’re waiting for pages to load on the library computer…or while you’re making dinner…). One Cold Night is a worthy read for suspense fans. Just make sure you read it during the day—with all the lights on.

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