Woman to Stay Home and Wait for Phone to Ring
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ALBUQUERQUE, NM As we move into another weekend, most of us are busily making plans for two days of fun and relaxation. Some are planning big bowling tournaments. Or shopping excursions. Others may be planning to attend a popular rock and roll concert. Perhaps one of those bands that kids today really like. Like that fun band from Australia, Kajagoogoo. But Renee Murphy has other plans.

What, you may ask, are these plans? “I’m going to sit by this phone until it rings,” pouts Murphy.

Murphy has placed herself on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, a bag of Sour Cream and Cheddar potato chips, and her telephone—just waiting for the love of her life to call.

“I know Bart will call,” says Murphy. “I know he wants to call. He’s got to call. And I’m not going to risk not being here when he calls.”

The man is question is Bart Page, the guy who sits in front of Murphy in her Studies in Chimpanzee Behavior from the Middle Ages to the Present class at Albuquerque Junior College. Murphy is positive that Page is sure to have noticed her and will be calling very soon, since they were put in the same small group for an in-class project last week.

Only time will tell if Page will call. But there is no question in Murphy’s mind. Even though she heard he was dating Jennifer Moore. Sure, Jennifer’s gorgeous, and every guy on the planet is after her. But what does that really mean anyway?

“He’s definitely going to call,” says Murphy.

Only one thing is certain. If he does call, he won’t get her voicemail.

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