Girl's Guide to Fun & Funky Knitting Review
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As the kids in my Monday afternoon knitting group would be quick to point out, knitting isn’t just for grandmas. A big problem that my knitting kids face, however, is that pattern books often are for grandmas—or at least for older knitters. There aren’t a lot of knitting books out there that have cool patterns that kids will enjoy both knitting and wearing. So when I brought my copy of Girl’s Guide to Fun & Funky Knitting to the group, they enthusiastically gave it their seal of approval.

Girl’s Guide is a great book for encouraging kids to knit. I’ve often seen young knitters get frustrated by knitting the same old thing. They’re sick of scarves. They don’t want to knit hats. They want something cool to knit. And if they don’t find that, they sometimes just give up. Fortunately, this book gives them options. Using everything from bulky-weight wools to fun fur to cool jelly yarn, knitting kids will find all kinds of stuff that they can actually knit without having to know any fancy techniques. The pictures are bright and fun, and the instructions are relatively straight-forward, with plenty of illustrations to take young knitters through the pattern step-by-step. Most patterns also provide suggestions for substituting yarn—which is a great help for young knitters who haven’t quite gotten the hang of yarn substitution.

The variety in Girl’s Guide is wonderful. There are smaller projects—like bracelets and chokers and cuffs that can be added to denim jackets—that are perfect for knitters with a short attention span (as is often the case with young knitters). They can work up a small project—and learn a few new techniques along the way (like knitting with beads)—and they’ll be proud to show off their finished project. There are also larger projects—like skirts and ponchos and boat-neck tops—that challenge the more determined knitter…without challenging them to the point of frustration.

For me—an adult who teaches kids to knit—the best thing about this book is that it gives kids options. It shows them that they don’t have to knit the same old scarves over and over—nor do they have to knit the same boring old sweaters that their grandmas knit. Without a lot of extra effort, they can make sleeveless tops and skirts and even sweaters—and even if they’re not quite ready to take that step, it will motivate them to keep knitting.

Girl’s Guide to Fun & Funky Knitting is aimed at younger girls—from the youngest knitters up to about age 12. For slightly older knitting kids, check out KnitGrrl2. Both are books that I bring with me on Monday afternoons to help inspire my young knitters. Pick up a copy for your young knitter, and she’ll have a cool new hand-knit wardrobe when it’s time to go back to school in the fall.

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