The Why Café Review
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The Why Café is a fast read that will definitely leave you thinking. Strelecky’s style reminds me of Richard Bach (you know, the guy who wrote that book about the feisty, eccentric seagull that caught hell from his friends because he was flying too high?)

Our narrator stumbles upon a diner in the middle of nowhere. Once inside, he's befriended by the staff, a bunch of friendly psychic life coaches. While enjoying a breakfast fit for an army of lumberjacks, John is encouraged to ponder three questions he finds written on the back of the menu: “Why are you here?” “Do you fear death?” and “Are you fulfilled?”

Because I ask myself these exact same questions all the time, I already had my own set of answers. Unfortunately, I was a bit off the mark. Essentially, this book is about finding a Life Purpose.

Though the setting is simple, the characters are extraordinary. The entire book is very engaging—and the lumberjack breakfast is a sensual delight.

The Why Café is an insightful, inspiring read that offers a lot of excellent (though not always practical) advice. The message here is one that I could never argue with: do what makes you happy.

Now if only I could make a living building sandcastles.

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