Angel with Attitude Review
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Valerie Grace falls from Heaven for no good reason—at least none she can remember—and lands in the MarineLand Killer Whale tank at Niagara Falls…naked. So not a good way to begin life on Earth. But, hey, this is only temporary. She plans on doing as many good deeds as possible to earn her way back into heaven, whether little old ladies want her help across the street or not. She finds her way to the Paradise Inn where the kind innkeeper, Barlow, offers her a place to live and a job as a maid. Things are going along great—well, as great as they can, when people aren’t getting mad at her for trying to help them—and then Nathaniel shows up.

Nathaniel is the demon tempter assigned to tempt Valerie into accompanying him back to hell. Nathaniel doesn’t really like his job, but if he fails with Valerie, Lucifer will turn him into a Nightflyer—creatures that only come out in the dark, with an insatiable need to feed on humans, angels, and demons. Equal opportunity feeders, so to speak.

Meanwhile, Valerie discovers the existence of a key to heaven. The only problem is that a totally evil angel, Julian, has run off with it. So she enlists the help of Nathaniel, and together they head into the Underworld (no, not the Kate Beckinsale Underworld) to steal the key from Julian so everyone can get back to where they’re supposed to be and live happily ever after.

Easy, huh? Not exactly. Valerie is dealing with a tempter who’s tempted to tempt her but doesn’t really want to tempt her—and she so wants to be tempted by him, even though it would mean a permanent address in hell. Maybe he could just tempt her a little and no one will notice. There’s also her friend, Reggie (who was turned into a rat by his witch girlfriend who thought his outside should match his inside), a one-eyed, romance-writing monster, and an evil angel who thinks he’s God’s—or maybe Lucifer’s—gift to fallen angels.

Angel with Attitude is such a wonderfully funny, quirky, entertaining read—escapism at its best. There’s no way you can maintain a frown while reading this book. It’s one of those stories you’ll want to pick up after a really rough day at work. I promise you’ll forget about the boss’s neurotic assistant—who drives you bananas with her “do it perfect, no exceptions” attitude—the moment Valerie Grace splashes naked into the killer whale tank after her tumble from heaven. You gotta love an author who can take you out of this world for hours—and Ms. Rowen is among the best of the lot.

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