The List: A Love Story in 781 Chapters Review
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1. You’ll buy this book for a friend who’s just ended her relationship with yet another Mr. Wrong.

2. But you’ll end up reading the whole thing before giving it to her.
a. You’ll realize that it’s painfully true.
b. And you’ll laugh until you cry.

Aneva Stout’s The List: A Love Story in 781 Chapters is a short little book made of short little chapters (usually just a sentence or two—or even just a phrase—and all of them are numbered) that you can read in about the same amount of time it takes to finish off a venti non-fat mocha (while sitting there alone, hoping to meet Mr. Right).

In under 100 pages, Stout takes you through the highs and lows of relationships—from that first exciting moment when you meet what could possibly be the man of your dreams all the way to the moment when you realize that he probably wasn’t Mr. Right after all. Along the way, you deal with infatuation, insecurity, jealousy, cellulite, thongs, and drunken phone calls to your ex. And only two things are constant: the love of your cat and the love of your best friend.

Whether you’re happily married or single and frustrated, if you’re a woman, you’ll be able to relate to The List. You’ll be a little embarrassed—because Stout’s got you pegged. And you’ll be a little relieved—because it’s not just you. And, when you finish, you’ll give your cat an extra treat and call your friend to thank her for being your friend.

This cute little book makes a great gift for a friend—or for yourself. Since it’s such a quick read, you can pull it out again and again—to remind yourself that, no matter what happens with that guy who looks like Liam Neeson, you’ve always got your friend…and your cat…and your Häagen-Dazs.

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