Rising Star Review
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Seventeen-year-old Nikki Bellinger has more than just high school to worry about. When she’s not in class, she’s the music industry’s rising star, running her own management company out of her bedroom in her parents’ New York City apartment.

Nikki’s really excited about her newest client—a Philly-based band called Long Story Short. She’s positive they’re headed for stardom—and it doesn’t hurt that the bass player, Ryan, is really cute. From the moment they meet, she decides that she wants to work with the band and spend more time with Ryan.

When the guys from Long Story Short come to town for a show, Nikki sends them to Times Square to serenade the audience gathered outside the studios of MTV’s TRL. Not only do they attract the attention of the girls in the audience—but they also attract the attention of the cameraman on the street. Victor Fulton, the president of big-time label Rebel Records, sees them on MTV and orders his assistant to bring them in immediately.

Suddenly, everything seems to be going great for Long Story Short. They’ve got a deal on the table and their rock star dreams are just around the corner. But will they be able to handle the pressure of recording and still stick together, even after egos start flying out of control? And will Nikki be able to keep her management position or will she lose out to someone more experienced?

Rising Star tells the story of author and music industry insider Cari Gelber’s struggle to fight for herself in an industry run by middle-aged men. While the writing style is sometimes a bit choppy, the story is more than interesting enough to keep readers turning pages. The subject matter makes it a fun read for teenage girls, and it’ll inspire them to fight to make their dreams come true.

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