Airplane! Review
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This might make me sound like an old fogy, but they just donít make comedies the way they used to. So many of the ďcomediesĒ that hit theaters nowadays are just plain unfunny or rely too much on cheap bathroom humor. Oh, sure, thereís the occasional comedic gem like The Producers, but I generally havenít been too impressed with the caliber of comedies to come out in the last few years.

Thankfully, even after viewing a bomb at the box office, I know that I can look forward to coming home and popping a real comedy into my DVD player. And the best one I can think of to rekindle my sense of humor is 1980ís Airplane!

The plot of Airplane! is paper-thin, but you donít even notice it because youíre having so much fun watching. Due to some bad plane-food fish, most of the passengers and the entire crew on an airplane flight become violently ill. Itís up to three passengersóa doctor (Leslie Nielsen), an ex-war pilot (Robert Hays), and the pilotís ex-girlfriend, one of the attendants (Julie Hagerty)óto work together with the ground crew to land the plane safely.

The real gold of the movie isnít in the plot. Itís in the wonderful puns and plays on words that come at you like machine-gun fire. Itís in the random cameos and star appearances by everyone from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to ďJune CleaverĒ to Ethel Merman. And itís in the punchy jokes that everyone knows by now, such as: ďSurely you canít be serious.Ē ďI am serious. And donít call me Shirley.Ē

This movie is a classic. Itís unabashedly and shamelessly funny. It doesnít take anything seriously, least of all itself. Itís definitely one of the top comedies of all time.

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