Prince of Ash Review
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In the city of Dere a quiet war brews—a war in Faerie that may spill into the human realm and drag in the faelings who only wish to be left alone to live in peace. But the seelie fae will hunt down the faelings until every last one of them are stamped out, simply because they are tainted with human blood.

After the Seelie Court is broken, Mina Cole and Duncan RiDahn continue to run their bookshop. Peace reigns and nothing seems threatening. Then Mina picks up on a lone soldier battling a private war against the seelie fae. But why? It’s highly dangerous, and whoever is battling the seelie fae may face something far more treacherous.

Pooka, a sixteen-year-old faeling, has no hope for a bright future. All he believes he has are the slums for a home and a street gang for a family. He fights to protect them at any cost, whether they’re worthy of his loyalty or not.

Alexandreya (Alex) flees from a barren, cold land and ends up in Dere, where she has the good fortune to be found by her uncle Duncan RiDahn. Maybe she can have a better life here, but strange dreams and a bloody past haunt her every step, and she knows the past can never stay buried.

Duncan, Mina, Alex and Pooka come together to face a rising threat and only one boy holds the fate of them all in his hands, but he must realize who he is before everything is lost.

Reading Prince of Ash has me wanting to dig out previous novels by Elaine Corvidae and read them again. Her stories are just the kind I want to read over and over. She has the incredible gift of bringing together diverse characters, with private demons dogging their lives, and making them into a family. I often find myself wanting to be a part of those families, too.

Wonderful, awe-inspiring, brilliant and gripping, you’ll get caught up in the adventure and magic, and most especially the characters, in Ms. Corvidae’s latest fantasy, Prince of Ash. Right from the beginning you’ll love Pooka even though you know he’s not exactly all good. But that’s part of the reason I did love him. You’ll admire Alex’s bravery as a mostly human faeling with very little magic in her blood, in fact none that’s useful. Yet, she finds a way to add her own strength to the team. And of course, there’s Duncan’s quiet patience and Mina’s kick-ass protectiveness.

If you haven’t read The Shadow Fae Trilogy, I recommend you start with Winter’s Orphans and get to know Mina and Duncan. The hours of reading pleasure you’ll get from this trilogy will be priceless.

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