Bad Hair Day Review
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Whenever Hannah Hailstone’s hair goes weird, bad luck is sure to follow. So she’s not too surprised—just freaked out—to find Cooper West passed out in the backseat of her Oldsmobile, looking like a human punching bag. He’d managed to get away from the goons who tried to beat information out of him, which he didn’t have, and the Oldsmobile happened to be unlocked—his lucky day, except the bad guys stole his Harley, and he wants it back.

After she drops him off at the hospital, Hannah and Cooper should have been nothing more than birds brushing wings, going in opposite directions, never to cross paths again—except Hannah decides to visit him the next day and see how he’s doing. She interrupts a would-be killer and rescues Cooper once again. Their lives become entangled as they try to figure out what her father’s name is doing on a police printout, why thugs are chasing them all over the place, and why someone driving a pink Cadillac is following Hannah around.

Bad Hair Day is one truly terrific read. Hannah is so much like me—except for the whole karate black belt thing—which made it easy to identify with her. You gotta love a heroine who eats French fries every chance she can (even though she manages a health food store) and gets into more trouble than Stephanie Plum, the heroine from the popular Janet Evanovich mystery series. I especially love that Hannah doesn’t use her karate skills to dominate Cooper. Instead, she holds her own and fights beside him.

Witty, absorbing, and just an all around first-rate read, Bad Hair Day will keep you smiling and salivating for more from Ms. Darryl and her unconventional characters. Looking for a great eBook read? Bad Hair Day is it.

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