Tomorrow They Will Kiss Review
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Even when they were young girls growing up in Palmagria, Cuba, Imperio and Caridad knew there was something different about Graciela Altamira. Even when she was just a girl, Graciela was strikingly beautiful. She was vibrant and passionate, and she didn’t do things the way other girls did. So, as a young girl, Graciela found herself carefully scrutinized by the town’s gossips. They gossiped about the clothes she wore, about how she was the last of the girls her age to get married, about her inappropriate courtship with a widower, and about her rumored infidelity.

After the women escape Cuba and end up in Union City, New Jersey, Graciela once again becomes a part of their lives—as a friend, as a coworker at the doll factory, and as a source of real-life gossip that’s even juicier than anything on their beloved telenovelas.

Tomorrow They Will Kiss tells Graciela’s story through the perspectives of three women: Caridad and Imperio—Graciela’s distant friends, who always gossip about her as soon as she’s out of earshot—and Graciela herself. The story gracefully transitions from one narrator to the next—and from the past in Cuba to the present, in 1960s New Jersey. It tells about the decisions and mistakes that Graciela made along the way, in her life-long endeavor to find true love—all from three very different points of view.

The most shocking thing about this book is that it was written by a man. Mr. Santiago writes women with surprising accuracy. He skillfully portrays both sides of the two-faced gossips, penning their carefully worded, thinly veiled jabs in a way I never imagined a man could. His characters are both multi-faceted and realistically imperfect. You’ll love them sometimes—but not always. And you’ll often see yourself—or other people you know—in them.

Sometimes touching, sometimes amusing, Tomorrow They Will Kiss is a spellbinding read about friendship and love.

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