Bulls-Eye Washers Review
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Players: 2-4 (ages 8+)
Playing Time: 30 minutes

Any fan of horseshoes will love Fundex’s Bulls-Eye Washers game. The game play is very similar, but the danger factor is toned way down, as the washers (like washers found on a nut and bolt, only hand sized) are smaller and have a rubber covering. This makes it a fantastic game for the whole family during any outdoor activity, family gathering, or camping trip.

The game is set up by placing two box halves apart from each other on the ground (similar to the way horseshoes is set up). Each box half is cushioned with a PVC pipe in the middle, in which a washer can land. It looks like a Bulls-Eye—hence the name of the game. To play, each team or individual player stands behind one of the boxes and aims for their opponent’s box. They toss the washers and try to land in the box, preferably in the center cup. They get 1 point for landing in the box and 3 for landing in the cup. Then their opponents toss the washers back. The first team (or player) to 21 points wins.

My family went up to the mountains for a camping trip a few weekends ago, and Bulls-Eye Washers soon became the key weekend event. It was extremely easy to bring along, as the two box halves clip together nicely with handles. We laid the two halves several paces from each other—and everyone loved the game so much that we decided to have a tournament. My brother was a crack shot, so he won—but I think he cheated.

We played all day, until we started losing daylight—but by then our only complaint was that the colored washers didn’t glow in the dark.

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