Alfredo’s Food Fight! Review
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Players: 2-4 (ages 5+)
Playing Time: 10 minutes

Alfredo’s Food Fight! is a great little game to play during game night or family time. The game consists of one crazy chef with Velcro on his hat, his body, and the plates in his hands. Each player has a plastic fork and three meatballs (spaghetti included) to shoot at our innocent chef.

There are two different ways to play. You can opt to play the game in ALL OUT mode—where everyone fires freely and the first player to get all of his meatballs on the chef wins—or you can play in a more organized fashion, starting with the youngest and taking turns. Each player then gets only three chances to hit the chef.

Our family decided to try the mild version first, since our six-year-old saw the fork as a sling shot incognito. The six-year-old won every time we played, so little fingers must be the trick. Shooting the meatballs off the fork requires some skill and concentration, as the rotating chef spins around on a plate full of spaghetti. It’s a little frustrating at first to master the shot. But once you get it down, the game can get quite heated. One last tip is to get the chef about 10 to 12 inches from each player, so the shooting range is optimized.

This is a good game for the entire family. There is no reading and no difficult instructions to follow, so little ones as well as older players can enjoy this food fight.

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