Lost and Found Review
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Laura and her teenage daughter, Cassie, are in the middle of a pretty serious mother/teenage-daughter crisis. Not long ago, Cassie woke Laura up in the middle of the night and presented her with a baby—a baby to which she’d just given birth. A baby that Laura didn’t even know was coming. She’d been too busy dealing with on her own problems and living her own life to notice. But now she realizes that she and Cassie have some problems that they need to work out. They don’t talk to each other—especially not about the baby that Cassie gave up for adoption. So, after months of failed attempts to get closer to her daughter, she tries a different tactic: she signs them up for a reality TV show.

Laura and Cassie are contestants on Lost and Found—a show on which two-person teams compete to decipher clues and travel around the world to pick up artifacts, all for a chance at a million dollars and fifteen minutes of fame.

Lost and Found focuses on six main characters, all of whom are contestants on the show. Along with Laura and Cassie, there’s Carl, the father of a sick child, who’s teamed up with his goofball brother. There’s Juliet, the former child star who will do anything to make a comeback. And there’s Justin and Abby, the married couple who proudly turned their back on their formerly gay lifestyle—and they want the whole country to know about it. The story has excellent character development, giving plenty of background information on the major players, while still managing to keep things moving. While readers most likely won’t like all of the characters—or all of the plotlines—like reality TV, there are plenty of characters to follow. You’ll love some; you’ll hate others.

Lost and Found is an addictive read—every bit as addictive as your favorite reality TV shows. Unfortunately, the pay-off doesn’t entirely live up to the build-up, and it feels a bit flat in the end. You won’t find the big finale you might be expecting. But if you love reality TV, the journey is still totally worthwhile.

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