Holy Ghost Corner Review
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Let me start by saying that I am a white, non-church-going Yankee woman, who believes in God and loves to read. The reason I tell you this is because the target market for this book is African-American church-going Christian women, who love God and love to read. That said, let me recommend this thoroughly enjoyable book to everyone.

The setting is a small community in Durham, North Carolina. Theresa Hopson, the owner of Miss Thang’s Holy Ghost Corner and Church Women’s Boutique, is having a hard time finding a decent man. Then church mother Miss Queen Esther introduces Theresa to her nephew, Lamont Green, and sparks start to fly.

Conflict arises over a blighted parcel of land—the old projects where a lot of the community members grew up. Lamont Green is trying to get the redevelopment contract to turn the property into affordable housing for the community. Jethro Winters, a white man far removed from this church-going community, is competing with Lamont to develop the parcel into high-priced real estate.

Along the way, we meet a lively cast of characters: Reverend Parvell Sykes, the church pastor who received his ordination after donating $30,000 to one of the bishop’s programs, Mr. Lacy, an elderly gentleman who, although blind, appears to see everything, Baby Doll Henderson, a toothless waif who returns to the community after a long absence, and a host of other memorable people, all of whom serve to enrich the story.

Michele Andrea Bowen gives us a funny, juicy story with plenty of Scripture thrown in to keep us humble. “Black lingo” dialect, as the author calls it, is rife throughout the story, which can be enigmatic to some of us white folk. What comes down to a battle of the Saved versus the Non-Saved serves to remind us that with God, all things are possible.

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