HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method Review
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If youíre looking for a way to give birth without drugs, this is the book for you. HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method was written to accompany HypnoBirthing classes that are becoming more and more popular in every part of the world.

The book begins by discussing natural childbirth and how the HypnoBirthing method was developed. The author talks about her first two experiences of giving birth and being at the mercy of the doctors and nursesóand how she wanted her third birth to be different. She also discusses the history of birthing, telling the story of how Queen Victoria insisted on being chloroformed during labour. This led to women going to hospitals to deliver their babies and husbands no longer being part of the process. It also led to creating fear in labouring women due to the death and disease encountered in unclean maternity wards.

The author also looks at how birthing is different in third world countries, which arenít exposed to the horror stories of labour and delivery. She compares our way of giving birth to other animals, as well and how we need to bond with our babies without interferences from hospital staff. Who would take a newborn kitten or puppy away from its mother immediately after birth to clean, weigh, and measure it?

The author then reviews the relaxation, breathing, visualization, and deepening techniques used in the class to help women in labour relax and birth their baby the way nature intended. The author provides different options for relaxation, visualization, and deepening. The couple can then determine the best options for them and practice them in preparation for labour. The three breathing techniques are reviewed and must be practiced as well. The birthing companion (not coach, since delivering a baby is not a sporting event) is an integral part of the process of getting the labouring woman to relax. Along with the accompanying CD and techniques learned in class, the labour companion can help the woman relax and visualize a smooth, comfortable birth.

I donít recommend just reading this book without going to the classes if youíre planning on using this method to deliver your baby; however, itís an excellent read if youíre looking for more information about HypnoBirthing, to see if the classes are for you. Iíd also recommend it to prenatal instructors, midwives, doctors, and nurses to assist their clients and patients who choose this method of birthing. Whatever your situation, this book will change your outlook on delivering babies.

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