Make Me a Match Review
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Whew! Love can be difficult—even if you’re 100% sure you know who your one true love is.

Dr. Cecelia Burns is engaged to lawyer Jack Peterson, and she’s all set to live her dull, work-filled life with a man she has to schedule love-making appointments with. When her psychic sister, Amy, shows up at their engagement party dressed like a gypsy and tells Cecelia that her true love is a man named Finn Concord who’s about to die, Cecelia decides that she’s going to marry Jack anyway—that is, right after she hunts down this Finn Concord and warns him he’s dying, because her sister is never wrong. After meeting Finn, she can’t quit thinking about him—those eyes, those shoulders, and those kissable lips! Wow!

Finn Concord lost his wife to an illness. He misses her terribly and feels bad that their daughter, Maya, is now without a mother. So when Maya asks if they can go visit her rent-a-granny, Trudy, they pack up and head to Baltimore. To Finn’s dismay, Granny Trudy isn’t very grandma-like. Instead, she runs a bar and immediately teaches Maya how to pull the perfect draft, among other questionable things. Then he meets a sexy—albeit weird—doctor, who tells him he may be dying.

Amy has lost her powers, except when she’s near Cecelia, and she hopes to get her to team up again like old times—except they won’t be conning anyone this time. Amy wants a legitimate business where she brings true lovers together. Too bad Cecelia doesn’t believe that Amy has changed, especially since she keeps stealing things from Cecilia’s posh apartment. But deep in Cecelia’s heart lies a suppressed gypsy fighting to break loose, and Finn may just be the guy to set her free.

Diana Holquist explodes onto the romance market with this ingenious tale. Make me a Match is a fun frolic through love’s twisty maze, with just enough of life’s hard knocks to keep it real. Populated with gypsies, psychics, an eight-year-old con-artist-in-training, and a rent-a-granny, it’s sure to have you beguiled. The story is a hoot to read, and you’ll learn that when true love is on the prowl, you’ve got to be 100% yourself—ugly moles and all—in order for it to find you.

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