CoverUp Review
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Players: 2 (ages 8+)
Playing Time: 5-10 minutes

At the center of this two-player stacking game is a board comprised of 25 wells, each with three disc spaces (small, medium, and large). A compartment on the back of the board holds 24 playing pieces: five small, four medium, and three large discs in each of two colors.

Players take turns placing their game pieces on the spaces on the board, with the object of getting four discs in a row—vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Small discs sink into the smallest, bottom space in the well. Medium discs fit in the middle well—and may cover a small piece. And large discs fit in the largest, top space in the well—and may cover small and/or medium pieces. Small and medium pieces stay where they are once they’re played—but large pieces may be moved later. Moving your large pieces may uncover an opponent’s piece, however—and you may cause your opponent to win.

At first, CoverUp is a fun game—and, if you and your opponent are evenly matched, it can be quite challenging as well. After a while, though, you’ll run out of pieces, and you’re left with nothing to do but move your large pieces around the board.

Unfortunately, the game is also quite easy to master—and after just a few rounds, my carefully-scheming opponent was able to figure out an almost sure-fire way to win. Once he did, it made the game more frustrating than fun. Even my eight-year-old nephew, who will sit and play games all day, quickly lost interest.

If you’re looking for a two-player game with enough strategy involved to keep it challenging—and enough luck involved to keep it interesting—I recommend trying Top Spot instead.

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