Real Women Don’t Wear Size 2 Review
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Clarise Robinson wants to get wild and sexy, but she has two problems—she thinks she’s too big body-wise, and she only wants to get wild and sexy with her boss and friend, Ethan Eubanks. Ethan would never look at her and think sexy, and sleeping with the boss might not be such a good idea for her career future. Determined to do it anyway, she decides the Gasparilla Pirate Festival in Florida is just the place to unleash her wild side.

Ethan finds Clarise’s generous curves sexy as all get-out, but he doesn’t want to ruin a great friendship, hurt Clarise, and lose one of his best employees at Eubanks Elegant Apparel for a romp in the sack—especially since he’s never been the commitment type. So he decides not to join the corporate bonding trip and stay away from Gasparilla when Clarise comes unleashed. The only problem is he can’t stand the thought of any other man witnessing the wild and sexy side of Clarise—the side he’s been urging her to turn loose since they became friends.

Real Women Don’t Wear Size 2 is a sensual novel with a wonderful heroine and an interesting setting, but too much narrative and not enough action kept me skipping over some of the paragraphs to get back to what was happening between the characters. Once back there, I became hooked again. I didn’t find Clarise as appealing as I did Ethan—something about a woman blatantly planning to bare all to catch a man’s attention is a turn-off to me.

I really liked Ethan because throughout the novel he likes Clarise for Clarise—not for her body image. He sees the person she is, not the person Clarise thinks she is or wants to be. I also liked the two young girls with the perfectly toned bodies who helped Clarise pick out clothes that would compliment her image, bringing out the beautiful woman she’s always been. It’s an endearing and bold move, and I’m glad Ms. St. John went that route rather than having the two young women treat Clarise like something they’d stepped in.

Even though Clarise’s character left much to be desired, the Gasparilla Pirate Festival and Ethan make this novel worth the read.

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