The Knot Review
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Twelve years ago, Ben Sheridan ended up in prison for killing his stepbrother, who was attacking a little girl who would have ended up dead if Ben hadn’t shown up. Too young and scared, Heather O’Malley never told her side of the story—a side that might have kept Ben out of prison. Now Ben is back in town, hoping for a new start, and Heather is all grown up.

It’s the year 1936, and the locals consider Heather an odd woman. She doesn’t act like a proper woman should—she wears trousers, lives alone, and refuses to marry her long-time steady. And now she’s taken up with that scruffy Ben Sheridan, who they think, in their twisted minds, might drag their daughters off into the woods and murder them. But Heather knows what happened all those years ago, and she’s not one bit afraid of Ben or what the town thinks of her.

Ben feels that probably the best thing he can do is leave Bryeton and not cause trouble for Heather—or for his mother, whom he fears is being treated badly by his stepfather, Hal. In the end, he can’t leave his mom to suffer, and he can’t get Heather out of his head. But someone else feels otherwise, and he or she will do whatever it takes to get rid of Ben—even if it means going as far as murder to get the job done.

The Knot is the stuff great movies are made of—a vintage setting, a family torn apart by tragedy, and a moving love story. Very few authors can suck me into a story so thoroughly or make me fall deeply in love with the hero, but Ms. Kindall has done it here. Heather is a tough, assertive woman, yet very likeable—making her worthy of the hero’s love. It’s so hard to pull off that type of characterization—yet Ms. Kindall masters it beautifully.

With a hint of mystery and a deeply moving romance, The Knot captivates you from beginning to end. If you’ve never tried a vintage romance, start with this one. You’re sure to love it.

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