Leonard Cohen: I知 Your Man
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Leonard Cohen: I知 Your Man is both a biography of the poet and singer/songwriter and a concert of some of his work, performed by a number of artists, including Rufus Wainwright, Beth Orton, and Nick Cave. The film opens with a spectacular performance of Cohen痴 的知 Your Man by the dark and gravelly Cave葉hough not all of the performances are equally impressive. Some artists佑ave and Wainwright especially揚et it right, allowing the audience to get a full appreciation for the song and its poetry. Others, however, seem to miss the point, muttering through the lyrics謡hich should be the focal point of their performances, since Cohen痴 love of writing and the careful penning of his lyrics is so often the focal point of the film.

Interspersed throughout the performances are interviews with the performing artists, who talk about Cohen痴 influences預s well as with Cohen himself. The moments with Cohen are the film痴 most fascinating, as he provides short snippets of his life story熔f his childhood in Montreal, his residence at the infamous Chelsea Hotel, and his ordination as a Zen monk. He gives insights into his personal style, his influence, and his philosophy. And he even explains what was going on in his life when he wrote some of the songs included in the film. While he doesn稚 tell the whole story, he gives enough to refresh the memory of old fans預nd to compel new fans to find out more.

I致e heard complaints about this film from Cohen fans, saying that it doesn稚 do Cohen justice傭ecause it痴 filled with other artists performing his songs. At the same time, however, today痴 younger audiences (myself included) have actually been introduced to Cohen痴 music through other artists, and it seems almost fitting to use those artists to help tell the story. Still, I have to agree that audiences of all ages would have benefited from a few more performances by Cohen, in addition to the film痴 final performance葉he only one sung by Cohen, accompanied by U2. Because it痴 definitely more powerful (not to mention meaningful) to hear the song as it was meant to be sung, by the man who wrote it. Cohen痴 performance is an excellent climax to the film傭ut I wish there had been more of him.

Leonard Cohen: I知 Your Man isn稚 the best film from a technical or cinematic standpoint. Some of the camera angles and effects are, at times, a bit distracting. But it痴 a captivating documentary nonetheless. If you池e an old fan, you might be a bit disappointed by some of the performances, but you値l still find it well worth your time. And if you池e a member of the younger generations who aren稚 quite as familiar with Cohen and his work, give the man a chance預nd you池e likely to become a new fan.

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