Ribbon of Rain Review
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After learning of her parents’ deaths, Kat Tenney returns from Iraq to her lakeside home in a remote part of Maine. Certain her parents were murdered, she tries to get the local police interested enough to investigate, but they think her parents were killed by someone robbing their home—and they close the case. But when someone shoots at Kat from a helicopter, military style, she decides to investigate on her own. What were military mercenaries doing on Loon Lake, so close to the Canadian border?

Jude Callahan is sent to Loon Lake in Rockville, Maine, and he doesn’t like it one bit. He’s more comfortable on the streets of Washington D.C., not traipsing around in the woods looking for stolen gems. He’s the least qualified FBI agent for the job, so why send him? But, after getting one look at Kat, he decides the assignment isn’t so bad after all. Once he gets to know her, he thinks maybe he can convince her to make a life with him in the city. Not a chance. Kat is built for the wilderness and will have it no other way, no matter how much she’s come to care for Jude.

Soon, Kat and Jude learn that what’s going on at Loon Lake is a lot more complicated than just some gems smuggled out of Vietnam years ago. If they don’t learn to trust each other and work together, neither one of them will get off the lake with their lives intact.

Pam Champagne is quickly becoming one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. Her characters and settings are always intriguing, and she makes the scenery come alive, dropping you in the midst of a wilderness, closed in by water and danger. Suspense keeps you on the knife’s edge, hanging onto the book, eager to find out what happens next. In Ribbon of Rain a touch of paranormal activity adds zest to an already terrific plot. Any future novels by Ms. Champagne are definitely on my To Be Read list.

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