Bubble Brain Review
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Players: 4-8 (ages 10+)
Playing Time: an hour or two

If you love a good laugh, you’ll love Bubble Brain—a game that’s guaranteed to bring out the inner comedian in even the most reserved players.

To begin, one player is chosen to be the Bubble Master. The Bubble Master takes one of 336 pictures from the Picture Box and passes it around to the other players. On the picture card, players will find some kind of silly picture—and an empty conversation/thought bubble (the kind you see in the comics). It’s the players’ job to try to come up with the funniest caption to go with the picture. Then they write the caption on a Bubble Sheet (a piece of paper with a big bubble on it), write their name on the bottom of the sheet, and hand it to the Bubble Master. The Bubble Master’s job is to look through all of the captions, arrange them in some sort of order, and read them aloud to the rest of the players. The players (everyone but the Bubble Master) then try to guess who came up with which caption—and they write their guesses down on a score sheet.

Once everyone is finished guessing, the Bubble Master reveals who wrote each caption. Players then move their playing piece around the board one space for every correct guess (guessing your own doesn’t count, of course). And the Bubble Master moves his or her playing piece one space for every player who didn’t correctly guess his or her caption. Play continues, with players taking turns as the Bubble Master, until one player reaches the Finish line—and wins the game.

Bubble Brain is the perfect game for families like mine—who tend to spend their time together telling silly stories and making each other laugh. The game is a lot more challenging than you might expect—but it’s a lot of fun, too. Some pictures are easier to write captions for than others—and some of them are especially tough. Sometimes you’ll come up with something right away—and sometimes you’ll stare at the picture for ages and still draw a blank. But, once you finally come up with something, the result is often hilarious. If this game doesn’t make you laugh until it hurts, you might want to make an appointment to have your funny bone examined.

The more players you’ve got, the funnier it’ll be—so round up your silliest friends. Or, to add a little excitement to a family reunion, spice up the game by throwing in a few silly family pictures, using the sheet of bubble stickers provided. It’s sure to get a laugh out of the whole family—even Grumpy Uncle Gus.

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