T-Shirt Makeovers Review
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You’ve most likely got tons of them hanging around the house—plain T-shirts, college T-shirts, concert T-shirt, souvenir T-shirts from Mexico. Some don’t fit all that well anymore. Some have seen better days. Some make you wonder what you were thinking when you bought them. But the Sistahs of Harlem (Carmia Marshall and Carmen Webber) have a solution for your T-shirt surplus: pimp your T.

In their new book, T-Shirt Makeovers, the Sistahs provide crafty fashionistas with a plethora of possibilities for transforming a plain old shirt into something hip and totally unique. Before the patterns begin, however, there’s a ton of reading material—to help you choose the best colors, shapes, and necklines to suit you. The tone is sometimes a little distracting—and it often feels like the authors try a little too hard to sound ultra-hip and urban. But the information is helpful nonetheless. They explain the techniques for T-transformation, and then they finally get down to business.

The patterns in this books are fun, daring styles that will perfectly suit young divas who want to turn heads—and who aren’t afraid to do a little work to make it happen. The patterns range from super-simple to more time-intensive and complex—and each one comes with a recipe that lists the ingredients you’ll need for the project, as well as the time the project will take, depending on whether you’re using a machine or sewing by hand. Only a few of the projects require a sewing machine—and the rest can pretty easily be done with a needle and thread. Each pattern also includes plenty of step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations—so even novice seamstresses will know what to do.

T-Shirt Makeovers is definitely a book for the young and hip and daring. Post-clubbing aged—and more conservatively dressed—craftsters be warned. But if you’re looking for a way to spice up your old T-shirts—and get noticed at the same time—you’ll find plenty of options here. T-Shirt Makeovers will help you move your Ts out of their hiding place in the back of your closet and into the spotlight at the hottest clubs.

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