About Arachnids Review
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About Arachnids is set up the same as other books in the AboutÖ series. The author gives short pieces of information about spiders, mites, and scorpions, which are meant to grab the readerís attention without getting into a lot of detail. Each piece of information corresponds to a picture showing different types of arachnids. A smaller version of each picture, along with more detailed information about the arachnid, is located in the Afterward.

The main part of the book is a quick read. Itís meant to pique a childís interest in the hopes that the child will want to learn more and refer to the detailed information in the Afterward. If they donít investigate further, at least theyíre able to get an introduction to these types of animals.

This book would be effec
tive in a classroom setting, where children could be given assignments to investigate different types of animals. If itís purchased for the home, inquisitive children can learn a lot more from it if they read all of the information provided.

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