Pink Jinx Review
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Jake Jenson and Veronica “Ronnie” Jinkowsky have been married and divorced four times to the same person—each other. First came the sappy marriage, then the cowboy marriage, the tequila marriage, and the insanity marriage. Could there possibly be a fifth—and what would it be called? Maybe it’s time for the happily-ever-after marriage. These two surely belong together, but they can’t seem to make marriage stick.

Frank Jinkowsky, Ronnie’s grandfather, cooks up a scheme to get the contrary couple back together. He wants a great-grandchild and someone to run his treasure-hunting business so he and his girlfriend, Flossie, can sail around the world. But Jake loves playing professional poker, and Ronnie has a career as a lawyer.

It takes a lot of under-handed scheming to get Jake and Ronnie on Sweet Jinx, Frank’s treasure-hunting boat, with a couple of mafia goons, an ex-Amish Navy SEAL, an expert skin-diving Cuban dude, a flirtatious Cajun backup diver who was a Chippendale for a short time, and a crazy elderly matchmaker who mistakes Jake as a stripper and Ronnie as a hooker. Not to mention they’re seeking pink diamonds that went down on a ship fifty years ago for the widow of mafia boss, Sam Menotti.

Jake decides right away that he wants Ronnie back in his life forever this time, but Ronnie is a bit more reluctant. She doesn’t think she can stand Jake walking out one more time when things get tough. Besides, that Amish Navy SEAL is looking mighty fine.

But no worries! An elderly Cajun matchmaker is on the loose. Tante Lulu promises Jake she’ll pray to St. Jude and build him a hope chest. And if that doesn’t work, she’ll toss them both off the boat naked and leave them stranded somewhere on the ocean until they come to their senses and realize how much they love each other.

Pink Jinx is so hilarious that I actually laughed until I had to wipe tears from my eyes before I could see the page again. I mean, who can picture a seventy-five-year-old man doing pushups to polka music with a cigar hanging out of his mouth and not laugh until it hurts? The characters are vivid and unique in their own way, and you’ll find yourself wanting to be part of this zany gang seeking treasure on the high seas. You’ll leave the pages wanting to know more about these characters and what happens next in their lives.

If you need a healthy dose of laughter that’ll help you forget your troubles, pick up a copy of Pink Jinx; and you may find that Ms. Hill has written one of your all-time favorite romantic comedies. I know I did.

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