Speed Knitting Review
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Knitting is supposed to be all about the process, right? It’s about the methodical, rhythmic working of each individual stitch, the feel of the yarn running through your fingers, and watching the fabric take shape in your hands. I, for one, love carefully working a delicate lace pattern and watching the pattern (ever so slowly) appear. But there are also times when I could just use a little instant gratification—a quick project that I can finish in no time. After all, it’s nice to feel that sense of accomplishment that comes from actually finishing a project once in a while. That’s why it’s nice to have a copy of Kris Percival’s Speed Knitting on your knitting bookshelf—because it’s filled with projects that you can finish in no time flat.

Speed Knitting offers a variety of instant-gratification projects—and not the silly stuff that you’ll never make, either. While there are some basic patterns that you’ve probably seen before, there are also plenty of pleasant surprises: like big cozy mittens, a gorgeous ballet sweater, and a scoop-neck vest. They’re quick and easy to knit—using big needles and bulky yarns—and they’re actually wearable, too. Now there’s a combination you don’t see every day!

The best thing about the patterns in this book, though, is that they make great gifts. In case you’ve been trying to remain blissfully ignorant, let me remind you that the holidays aren’t all that far off. And if you still haven’t already started working on all those hand-knit gifts that you promised every last member of your family, here’s your solution—quick-knit gifts for men, women, children, and even pets. There’s even a Lickety-Split Baby Shower Set (complete with hat and booties) that you can quickly whip up for your friend’s new baby.

And here’s another twist that’s great for beginners: all of the patterns are written out, step by step, in plain English. If you’re not quite sure what all the crazy pattern abbreviations mean—or if you just find knitting patterns intimidating—you’re in luck. There aren’t any here. While more experienced knitters who are used to reading patterns might find it a bit distracting at first, you’ll find that most of the patterns are simple enough that it actually works better this way. Not only that, but it’s a great way for beginners to ease their way into reading patterns.

So if you need a break from that intricate cabled sweater—or if you want to knit your friend something for her birthday next week—you’re sure to find something here. Keep this book handy—because you’ll find yourself turning to it often.

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