The Collectors Review
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The newest novel involving David Baldacci’s Camelot Club is a fun and entertaining read. The story begins with the Speaker of the House being assassinated, a mob boss being conned, and the director of the Library of Congress suddenly dying. You may wonder as I did how in the world you’re going to live your life and keep up with these three story lines, all at the same time. Remarkably, though, Baldacci does an excellent job of changing from story line to story line and keeping the reader interested and up-to-date on each story.

The Speaker of the House is murdered by a professional assassin who works for the government as an assassin. The mob boss is the owner of a Las Vegas casino who’s conned out of $40 million dollars by one very sharp woman and her team. The director of the Library of Congress dies of mysterious causes in the vault of rare books. Baldacci’s Camelot Club, a group of four elderly men with a wide variety of backgrounds, works to solve the murder of the librarian. In doing so, they tie all the pieces of the other stories together and work to solve the questions of what these three incidents have in common. Who is the key factor in the story? And how did they find themselves in such a mess?

The Collectors is well written, with great depth put into developing each of the members of the Camelot Club as well as the various people from each of the storylines. I had never actually read a book by Baldacci before, but I can guarantee that this won’t be my last one.

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