Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD Edition Review
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Players: 2-4 players or teams
Playing Time: An hour or two, depending on how much you know

When it comes to pop culture, I’m overflowing with useless knowledge—which is why the Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition is my kind of game. Instead of the usual Trivial Pursuit categories that ask obscure questions about science or history, the Pop Culture Edition features six categories that I know something about: Music, Movies, TV, Fads, Sports & Games, and Buzz.

Game play is similar to any other Trivial Pursuit game. Players (or teams) take turns rolling the die and moving their game pieces around the familiar-looking board. When your piece lands on a colored square, you’re asked a question from the corresponding category. Get it right, and you roll again. Get it wrong, and your turn is over. The object, however, is to collect a wedge from each category—and, to do so, you must land on a special square on the game board and answer a question from the DVD. To correctly answer a DVD question, you could have to do anything from identifying the fad or celebrity shown in a scrambled picture to identifying a movie or TV show based on a list of hints. But if you take too long to answer, the DVD goes into All Play mode—and your opponents can steal your wedge.

Once you have all six colored wedges, you travel to the center of the board and answer one last question for the win. The first to correctly answer that question is the winner. You even get a fancy on-screen award ceremony.

If you’re as much of a pop culture junkie as I am, you’ll prefer this edition to the original Trivial Pursuit game—because, well, you’ll actually know some of the answers. But don’t assume that it’ll be a snap to win. There are still plenty of challenging questions covering the last few decades—and they’re sure to stump even the most faithful Entertainment Weekly subscriber. So it’s still a challenge—and it’s still anybody’s game.

The Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD Edition may not be a quick game to play (as is usually the case with any Trivial Pursuit game), but it’s the perfect game to pull out when you’ve got a few friends over. It’s a fun, casual trivia game that’s sure to bring back plenty of memories.

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