Calling the Dead Review
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In the small town of Bear Creek, California, Deputy Sheriff Tempe Crabtree’s job is to patrol the mountain area and keep drunken cowboys from killing each other. But she can’t turn her back on an investigation, especially if the police department’s detectives don’t show any inclination to pursue it.

In Calling the Dead, Tempe is faced with a possible homicide victim who either jumped or was pushed from a bridge. Two young men are under suspicion, and the only way she can prove them innocent is to call Doreen Felton back from the dead—not something that Tempe’s preacher husband, Hutch, is going to like.

When Felicity Pence’s husband dies, Hutch thinks something is a little off with the whole thing, and he urges his wife to investigate Felicity—because she sure doesn’t seem all that busted up about her husband’s death. In fact, she’s already got her next victim…er…husband on the hook.

Though Tempe isn’t convinced that Felicity’s husband died of anything other than natural causes, she digs into her past to make Hutch happy. What she finds is a little unnerving, but to prove it is a whole other can of worms. And she still needs to conjure up Doreen Felton’s spirit without Hutch finding out, so she can put the homicide case to rest and let two young men get on with their lives

Though there are no real surprises here, you’ll still find yourself engrossed in this cozy little mystery. Did Felicity kill her husband? Was Doreen’s death suicide or something more sinister? I kept expecting these two cases to be connected somehow, but, unfortunately, the ending turned out to be less interesting than I’d hoped.

Find yourself a quiet place to read, and pick up Calling the Dead. It’s an uncomplicated mystery, which will keep you entertained and not stressed out with a heavy plot. Some days a person just needs something light—and Marilyn Meredith delivers with just enough intrigue to keep you hooked.

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