The Hidden Assassins Review
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Hidden Assassins begins with the gruesome discovery of a body in Seville, Spain’s municipal dump. But this corpse is different. Its hands have been severed, and the victim’s face has been erased with acid—but his body has been respectfully sown into a shroud.

The chief inspector, Javier Falcon, of Seville’s homicide squad, is the classic anti-hero. Falcon is honest yet cynical, intelligent, but not quite part of the city’s elite. Falcon has a good share of personal baggage. His ex-wife, having been seduced away from Falcon, is now the wife of the city’s chief judge. Falcon can’t help obsessing about a woman that he had a four-month affair with several years ago. And with his personal life so messed up, Falcon spends his energy on his work.

Before the city’s homicide squad can identify the mutilated body or find his murderers, the city of Seville is shaken by an early morning explosion which brings down an apartment building full of people and partially destroys a preschool, killing four children. Seville’s Arabic community—mostly Moroccans—is suspected by the city’s Spanish majority. Tensions rise and many Islamic citizens fear for their safety. The fact that the apartment building housed a mosque in the lower level only adds to the drama. Does this mean that the suspicions are valid? Could the explosion and the corpse be connected? Will Inspector Falcon solve the murder and the force behind the explosion before another catastrophe occurs?

Hidden Assassins takes the reader through many twists and turns as Wilson reveals more details of the plot. Falcon’s investigation is as detailed and meticulous as the writing, which makes for a dense tale that demands close attention—but careful readers will be rewarded with a story that has not only plenty of plot but also in-depth character development. This fast-paced story is satisfying, and has a difficult-to-foresee ending. If you have the patience to get through the details, then this is the mystery for you!

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