Teacher Spotted Wearing Jeans
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BROKEN BOW, NE Broken Bow High School seniors Shannon Gibbs and Danielle Conelly were shocked and disturbed last night when they ran into their history teacher, Mr. Grant, at the McKinnley Auditorium.

Gibbs and Conelly were attending the Rotten Cows concert at the auditorium last night. During the break in the course of which the Rotten Cows’ lead singer was recovering from a freak crowd-surfing-related concussion, the two decided that they needed a soda. When they got to the concession stand, there he was—ahead of them in line.

“OHMYGOSH!” shrieked Gibbs. “Is that Mr. Grant?”

Conelly gasped. “It looks like him. But he’s wearing jeans…! Teachers don’t wear jeans! And who’s she…?” Conelly added, nodding to a tall, thin, beautiful brunette, who was holding the hand of the 25-year-old history teacher.

As the two watched, Mr. Grant and his date walked away after purchasing a beer. Gibbs and Conelly couldn’t believe their eyes.

The whole experience became even more surreal as the two made their way back into the concert and saw Mr. Grant in the middle of the mosh pit.

“That can’t be Mr. Grant!” exclaimed Gibbs.

“There’s no way!” agreed Conelly.

After first hour this morning, however, it was confirmed that boring old Mr. Grant had, in fact, been at the Rotten Cows show. Following the announcement of Gibbs’ and Conelly’s teacher sighting, the news quickly spread throughout the school. It was hypothesized by the student body that this could very well be the first time a teacher has ever worn jeans, gone on a date, drank beer, or attended a concert.

Broken Bow students are very suspicious of Mr. Grant and his rebellion from the acceptable behavior for students.

Said one student, “The next thing you know, all the history teachers will be hangin’ out at the bars together. Wearing jeans. It’s just not right.”

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