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I recently (within the past year) took up beading. Now, you would think Iíd have better things to do with my time, and Iím sure I do, but this hobby has engulfed me. Some people weave baskets; I do beadwork. (What can I say? It keeps me off the streets.)

There are lots of beading magazines out there, BeadStyle being one of the best Iíve found. Kimbalch Books and BeadStyle Magazine have published Discover Beading, a remarkable book that focuses on beginner-friendly beading techniques. The book contains stringing, wirework, and knotting jewelry projects, most of which have appeared in BeadStyle Magazine.

There are different types of beadwork. I do mostly bead crochet, which involves stringing beads onto thread and then crocheting them into a tube that will ultimately become a bracelet, necklace, or other fashion accessory. (I do so much of this I have calluses on my otherwise elegant and tapered fingers. But I canít seem to stop.) While Discover Beading doesnít cover bead crochet specifically, it is nevertheless extremely useful for finish work for beaders of all levels. Using step-by-step detailed color photography, clear instructions, and a list of materials for each project, Discover Beading provides a photo guide to basic beading methods and tools.

The detail work (finishing work, knotting, clasping, wirework), the proper materials, and clear instruction make all the difference in the finished product. Being self-taught (and thus having subjected myself to many hours of frustration), Iím always looking for resources and reference material to give me a better understanding of the techniques of my recently-acquired hobby.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and to do well requires mastering the basics. With clear and concise pictures and language, Discover Beading will help you do just that. If you do beadwork or would like to learn, this book is a wise investment.

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