The Gorg Wars Review
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In Gradigos—home of the Gorgs—the food supply is almost depleted. So the Gorgs carry out an assault on Thanas, a planet rich in the blood grapes they need for survival. They attack without mercy, even though the people of Thanas would have been glad to hand over the blood grapes, which they have no use for, since the fruit is poisonous to them.

Armulen Molet is the one chosen to lead the people to safety. He doesn’t feel like a leader, though, since he couldn’t join the Dragoon Flying Corps like his brother, Doran, had. When the Gorgs attack, Armulen is forced into leading a group of people who have spent centuries fighting with humans, slefs (little people who yield magic), and the Bruttaki, who are human but less civilized. All of them must come together and fight a threat to the planet on which they all dwell. The only possible solution would be to burn the blood grapes—but would the smoke prove to be poisonous too and kill them all?

My favorite character in The Gorg Wars is Nibby, the little slef who can only do the flaming finger magic—until his grandfather dies and transfers all of his magic into Nibby. He then has to face the horrible along with the good as his grandfather’s memories are fed into his mind, and he realizes his grandfather has done some terrible things against the Bruttaki.

If your interest lies more with the plot rather than the characters, you’ll like this novel. I’ve never been much of a hard science-fiction fan myself. I had no interest in Star Wars at all. (Yikes! I can hear the gasps from all over the world!) So this story didn’t capture my attention all that much. Phrases such as “blood draped down his hand,” “grab a better view,” and “showered him with understanding eyes” jolted me out of the story. But I found Mr. Gambuti’s imagination fascinating at times, and the further I read, the better the story got.

Peppered with magic-wielding slefs, uncivilized Bruttaki, and creatures with needle-sharp teeth that bleed orange, The Gorg Wars is a good story with plenty of blood and gore and action that packs a wallop of a punch.

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