Help! I’m Falling for the Vampire Next Door Review
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Melynda Kerpanik just got out of a dreadful marriage, and now she’s broke, jobless, and almost homeless. (Gee, sounds like my divorce…) Her only lifeline is an old warehouse that she has to share with a bat and a man living in the basement, who only comes out at night and who seems to be able to walk through locked doors as easily as he can make Melynda want him to the point of insanity. But if she can decorate the warehouse to her real estate mogul cousin’s satisfaction, she’ll have a chance at a new beginning—and maybe a future with her very weird neighbor.

Val Drakul is a 400-year-old vampire who does night photography and hasn’t had sex in 200 years—because he doesn’t want to risk losing control and turning another woman into one of the undead. But his curious new neighbor is mighty tempting. Maybe he can control the impulse to drink her blood while having sex with her. Melynda’s certainly the gal he’d be willing to risk it for.

Then Leo Van Helsing shows up. Drawing Melynda into his hypnotic, evil charm, he uses her to expose Val. Leo is the last of the Van Helsings, and he plans to take out as many vampires as he can, using any means at his disposal, before he’s taken from this world.

A short, charming, erotic read, Help! I’m Falling for the Vampire Next Door will keep you entertained with likeable characters and a gutsy plotline. I had to get used to a Van Helsing being a bad guy—a bold move by the author—which was pretty difficult, since the Van Helsings aren’t really supposed to be bad. I kept picturing Hugh Jackman from the movie Van Helsing, and I just couldn’t see him as a bad guy. But at least Ms. Chatillon shook things up a bit and broke us out of the same old vampire story mold.

The sex scenes in this book contain some crude language and are very vivid, so be forewarned. But Melynda is a cute, sassy character, and I enjoyed spending time with her. All in all, Help! I’m Falling for the Vampire Next Door is a pretty good read.

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