The Fisherman’s Son Review
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When Wiley O’Mara’s mother dies, he travels to a neighboring village to find a priest so his mom can have a proper burial. His trip takes him through a forest where a furious beast dwells. There he meets the Lady in White, and she leads him to a golden cup, which he is to take to the ocean, find a certain dolphin, and repeat the words, Drink deeply by land or sea. Earth comes only once.

Since Wiley’s father is nothing but a drunk, often disappearing for days on end, Wiley is able to visit the ocean whenever he wants. While following around a dolphin named Elden, who gives him the power to breathe under water and understand dolphin-speak, Wiley learns that he has an important mission to accomplish.

The Fisherman’s Son is a cute story, but it’s not particularly interesting. My mind kept wandering, and I’d have to reread whole pages because the story didn’t hold my attention. I’d often lose track of what was going on—too much telling and not enough showing. The descriptions of undersea life are vivid, as if the author had gone deep sea diving and saw everything she wrote about. The descriptions bring the story to a little more life, although at times I felt as if I were reading an essay on ocean creatures. I also found the magical lake in the forest and the fire-breathing dragon guarding an undersea city interesting. I wanted to spend more time in those areas, but the author didn’t linger there for long.

The dolphin Elden didn’t make much sense to me. He’d take Wiley all the way to the bottom of the ocean—and then tell Wiley that he had to go back to the forest and get a key before they could go any farther. Why didn’t they get the key first? Others had come before Wiley, so wouldn’t Elden know what to expect?

If you love sea life and its many different kinds of fish and creatures, you’ll most likely enjoy this e-book. Just don’t expect a fascinating, in-depth fantasy tale.

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