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Dear Christine,

Here is a dream one of my friends had the other night.

At her current age of 27, she’s no longer in school, but here she was driving to school and there were traffic jams everywhere. When she finally got there, she walked in, and there was a big empty pool in front of her. Much to her surprise, our other friend and I were sitting in the bottom of the pool staring at her. Then this attractive man walked up and proceeded to "hit on" my friend (the dreamer) who was standing outside the pool. They started kissing and all the while our other friend and I were just sitting in the pool watching.

What the heck does that mean? I’m sure my friend would love to know what you think. Thanks in advance!

Watching from the Pool

Dear Watching,

It’s interesting that your friend was on her way to school when the dream began. It’s as if the dream was trying to say, “When you get to your destination, you’ll receive a message.” The traffic could represent frustrations that are preventing the dreamer from getting to where she needs to be (or what she needs to know). Traffic also may mean that things may not be going as smoothly as she would like. Perhaps she needs to slow down, relax (after all, it’s not good to let traffic jams stress you out) and take a good look around.

Water is associated with cleansing, emotions and spirituality, yet in your friend’s dream the pool is empty. Since you and your other friend are not submerged in water or speaking, perhaps she feels there is something that you both are either not voicing your opinions about or “keeping underground.” Since you’re both sitting at the bottom of the pool staring at her when the attractive man approaches, this suggests that there is something new (that either she or the two of you are involved with) that is causing some change (or perhaps distance) in your friendship.

The attractive guy that’s hitting on her likely represents the catalyst of this change.

Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope this helps.


(Please keep in mind that dreams speak to us through symbols and phrases, and I interpret using these symbols as guides. When pondering any interpretations, the dreamer should always consider the more personal meanings the symbols in their dreams might have for them. If you have any dreams you would like me to interpret, email me at All queries will be kept anonymous. Sweet dreams.

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