Husband Didn’t Even Notice That Chick
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SEDAN, MN Contrary to the beliefs of his wife, Justine, husband Dave Levine was most definitely not staring at that hot blonde chick in the short skirt and blue top as she walked down the street a few minutes ago.

The incident took place on the corner of Monroe and Harrison, where the Levines had been shopping for a crib for their expected baby’s nursery. Just as they were waiting to cross the street and return to the car, a very busty yet slender blonde woman, probably around 22 years of age, walked out of a store across the street and away from them.

“I have my camera in my purse, if you’d like to take a picture,” Justine growled.

“Huh?” Dave replied, barely turning to look at her.

“You might want to take a picture of that girl before she gets too far away.”

“Oh… Um, what girl, Honey?” Dave asked, giving her his best innocent look.

“We both know that you were staring at that girl. In fact, maybe you should wipe some of that drool off your chin. It’s not very becoming.” Justine glared at her husband.

But Dave refused to confess that he had been staring at that really good-looking young woman as she walked away—even after his wife was quite positive that she had seen his head turn to watch her. Dave also refused to comment when his wife asked him if that woman was better-looking than she was. She then became quite emotional, deducing that he thought she was ugly because she was big and pregnant.

“Really, Honey,” Dave pleaded, craning his neck down the street, “I didn’t even see a girl. What girl are you talking about?”

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