Floatation: A Special Report
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If you love relaxation and water, and youíre looking for a new and exciting way to simultaneously chill and get the endorphins pumping, check out your nearest floatation spa. If youíre anything like me, youíll be hooked in a heartbeat.

I admit Iím a sucker for absolutely any mode of deep relaxation. My perfect fantasy day would definitely include a massage followed by a long soak in a Jacuzzi. And, since my recent discovery, a float is now added to the top of that list.

It goes something like this: you shower before and after you float, you can wear a bathing suit while floating, but the tanks are completely private and most folks float sans swimwear, much like a tanning bed without the ultraviolet rays. Care must be taken not to get the salty water in your eyes and any open cuts should be covered with an oil-based cream like zinc or petroleum jelly. It is important to keep hydrated before and after floating. While the salts draw out toxins, they can also dehydrate.

Invented in the 1950s, floatation tanks have been popular in Europe for some time, and they are finally making their way to America. These delightful chambers of body-temperature water, rich with healing salts, make it impossible for you to sink (even if you canít swim). Floatation tanks have been described as being anti-gravity, but to me they seem to turn gravity upside down. And theyíre especially gratifying for folks who live in cooler climates and canít get to the beach year-round. You wonít work up a sweat, like in a hot tub, sauna or a steam room and, because the air temperature is kept in the 80s, you will not get cold. What you will do is fall into a state of deep relaxation that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on just about anything.

The healing salts help relieve stress and chronic back pain. They increase athletic performance by removing lactic acid from the body. Floating itself has been known to enhance creativity by balancing both sides of the brain. Did I mention the endorphins? Who doesnít love endorphins?

In short, everyone in the world needs to try this. If youíre in the Boston area, or you plan to visit, check out driftawayspas.com. But if youíre not, and youíd like to find out where to float in your area go to wheretofloat.com.

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