Knight’s Prize Review
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Finally…the long-awaited third book in the Warrior Maidens of Rivenloch trilogy by Sarah McKerrigan (see my reviews of Lady Danger and Captive Heart)—and it’s every bit as good as I’d anticipated.

No one suspects meek and mild Miriel, who hates fighting, to be the most deadly of the three Warrior Maidens of Rivenloch. And no one suspects that she was trained in the art of Chinese warfare by her maidservant, Su Ling. But at night she slips from the castle and becomes the notorious outlaw known only as The Shadow, who steals from the rich to give to the poor—keeping a balance not only for the castle but for those who live within its protection, too.

Sir Rand la Nuit arrives at Rivenloch to find The Shadow and turn him in for the reward, ridding the country of a bothersome outlaw. What he didn’t expect was to match wits with the gentle-born Miriel. As he begins to fit in with the castle folk, he longs to stay and become part of the family—something he’s never truly had. But if he captures The Shadow, he may lose everything he desires, including Miriel.

Miriel and Rand come together with powerful chemistry that’ll keep you grinning as they make up hilarious lies to fool the others. But one thing is for sure—they aren’t fooling each other. Night after night, their passion for each other heats to the boiling point. But more than just their love is at stake, for once secrets are revealed, everything they cherish could be lost.

Knight’s Prize kept me intrigued, and it quickly became my favorite book in the trilogy. Miriel makes an irresistible heroine and a worthy match for Sir Rand la Nuit. Ms. McKerrigan brings the medieval era to life, and I felt as though Castle Rivenloch was one great big family—and a place I’d dearly love to visit. I won’t soon forget these characters. Knight’s Prize is filled with passion and tons of action, and you’re sure to get a kick out of it.

Each book in the Warrior Maidens of Rivenloch trilogy can stand alone, but I recommend reading all three, starting with the first book, to get a deeper understanding of the characters.

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