Def by Temptation Review
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As a little boy listening to his minister father’s sermons, Joel is haunted by the image of a mysterious woman who seeks to seduce him. She appears as a ghost in the church itself, to the annoyance and fear of his father (Samuel L. Jackson). Joel’s parents die in a strange car accident when he’s still young, and from that point on, Joel (played as an adult by James Bond III) devotes his life to being a minister.

Skip forward to the present. Writer-director-actor-producer James Bond III sets his story in the New York club scene. An alluring, mysterious woman (Cynthia Bond) goes to a hot New York City nightclub. There, she flirts with men, takes them home, kills them, and claims their souls. This woman is the succubus who has always haunted Joel. Temptation preys on the evils of the nightlife, all the while seeking to destroy Joel, who is the last of a long line of ministers.

Def by Temptation is an excellent cult horror movie—one that’s especially interesting to anyone who’s spent any time in the club scene. Kadeem Hardison gives a solid performance as K, the actor who’s out to protect his naïve little brother, Joel. Samuel Jackson is also believable as the stern minister father, and Cynthia Bond is both beautiful and creepy. The film also features a great soundtrack of ‘80s R&B music, with Melba Moore and Freddy Jackson singing.

Def by Temptation is a very campy movie—with a succubus who kills her victims in outrageous ways. Two of the men, for instance, are killed in ways that typically don’t happen in horror movies, yet they make perfect sense in the context of this unusual horror movie. In fact, the killings are so unique that you’ll certainly want to talk about them after the movie ends—and you’ll want to share the movie with your friends.

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