Yet Another Really Bad Band Plays at Local Establishment
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LINCOLN, NE For the 237th Saturday night in a row since the establishment opened its doors, Leon’s Rock ‘n’ Egg Roll featured a really horrible amateur band at its weekly Real Live Music Nite.

The doors to the musical lounge opened at 7, and various Leon’s regulars began to amble in. The band, called Sarah’s Rainbow Sherbet, which has been described as “country-ska-mambo with an oriental twist,” began its show at 9.

Members of Sarah’s Rainbow Sherbet are: Joe, an accountant and father of three on drums, Sid, the Lincoln Sanitation Commissioner on lead guitar and kazoos, and Terry, an unemployed radiologist from Omaha on vocals. The three have known each other since college, but they just decided to put a band together last week—because, they figure, it’s a good excuse to escape their wives and drink beer. They had played together a few times in college, but the other guys in the dorm made them stop, so their dream of being famous rock stars had to wait.

And it will keep on waiting.

Throughout their four-hour gig, which included three very long sets, the band entertained an increasingly-drunken crowd with some original hits as well as a number of popular covers, including “I Shot the Sheriff” and a touching rendition of Hall and Oates’ “Maneater.”

Said Sarah’s Rainbow Sherbet front man, Terry Betlejewski after the show, “I think we definitely rocked! We love playing, and we love our crowd!! We’ll never forget this night as long as we live.”

When asked why he keeps booking bands who suck so much, Leon’s proprietor Leon Jamison replied, “Frankly, it’s great for business. The bands turn into faithful patrons—because they want us to book them again. And their playing does wonders for drink sales. After hearing bands like this one, not a single person in the joint wants to be able to remember this experience in the morning.”

Next week at Real Live Music Nite: Doors Open at Eight—techno-blues with a jivin’ dance beat. Doors open at 7 p.m. Don’t miss it!

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