Twisted Tails Review
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Twisted Tails is a delicious, diverse collection of weird and wonderful short stories. You’ll find yourself dipping into this collaboration just to get away from it all between mundane tasks, like cleaning your house and doing mindless work for your boss at the office. Heck, you don’t even need a reason to dip in because you’ll be eager to read another one and another one and another until they’re all gone, leaving you wanting more like the proverbial bag of chips.

Mr. Jacobs promises a sweet, sour, bitter, tangy, titillating, tantalizing, torturous, terrifying, humorous, and horrifying blend of tales to satisfy every taste, and I assure you he keeps that promise.

Things aren’t always as they seem in these stories, yet you find yourself surprised by the ending every time. The tales keep you engrossed, each having originality I’ve seldom encountered in any compilation of its kind.

In “Eye for an Eye” by Peter Prellwitz, a special forces-trained waitress is out for revenge, and you’ll feel it’s justified. But wait…there’s more to it than what is on the surface—so keep reading.

J. Richard Jacobs brings us a legend in “Things.” Stories get passed down from generation to generation, often distorted, until no one knows what’s truth and what’s fiction. Two battle-weary warriors find out the truth when they decide to take a shorter route to safety through the Black Wood where things dwell.

Marilyn Peake takes us to Roswell, New Mexico and asks, What if all the stories were true? Layla, a young woman obsessed with all things Egyptian, takes a tour of the museum at Area 51, hoping to be shown the captured alien. Afterwards, strange things begin to happen—things that Layla may not have control over.

In “Dead Wrong,” Steve Lazarowitz shows us that the world can get a heck of a lot crazier when people choose early retirement—and that doesn’t mean sipping cold drinks on a hot beach while thinking about how much you enjoy not having to work anymore.

That’s just a peek at the wonderfully uncanny stories that await you in Twisted Tails. You’ll want to take this collection with you wherever you go—because you never know when you’ll be stuck in traffic, or waiting somewhere for something, in need of a distraction to keep you entertained. The thirty-one short stories in Twisted Tails will keep boredom at bay—I promise!

Ed. Note: To find out more about Twisted Tails, visit Double Dragon Publishing.

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