Blender Baby Food Review
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For anyone interested in making your own baby food, this book is a necessity. Due to the expense of buying baby food (on top of all the other baby expenses), more and more people are making their own. As this book points out, it’s cheaper, you know exactly what’s in it, and you can control the consistency.

Blender Baby Food provides information on determining when to start your baby solids, as well as which foods are age appropriate. It also provides information on safety concerns and nutrition.

There are over 125 recipes in the book, divided by the age of the baby. The recipes range from relatively simple–green beans cooked and put in a blender–to more complex recipes, such as chicken jambalaya or vegetable frittata. All of the nutritional information comes with each recipe. There are also tips for making and storing the food, as well as modifying the recipe, so it can be served to older kids.

Blender Baby Food will open up more opportunities for your child to taste different foods, such as watermelon and avocado. You won’t find these in baby food jars. The only problem I found with this book is that it includes recipes for foods that contain nitrates. I confirmed with another resource that certain vegetables should not be made at home, since we can’t test for the nitrates, but baby food manufacturers can.

If you want to save money and expose your child to a variety of fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, and meat, then pick up a copy of Blender Baby Food.

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