Struck By Lightning Review
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When Isabella Girardi and her friends called on lightning, in jest, to bring them an immortal man, they didnít actually believe it would happen, especially since they were a little tipsy at the time from a girlsí night out. Thinking nothing of it, Isabella returns to work on Monday morning at KDWI Television, where sheís the top weather forecaster in New York State. She takes her career seriously, and she isnít really thinking about finding a husband at the moment, even though her interfering mother pushes every available male she can find on her.

The station hires Galvin Haldor, and Isabella canít seem to get enough of him. When strange weather patterns develop, it becomes harder for her to predict the weather, but Galvin doesnít seem to have the same problem. She begins to wonder what secrets heís hiding, and if itís wise to give her heart to a man who doesnít seem to have a pastóat least not one on Earth.

Since an immortal woman bore Galvin, he decides to go to Earth and find a wife among the mortal women. His mother, Sif, the goddess of fertility, isnít thrilled with his plans, mainly because heíll have to watch his wife grow old, while he stays young. Galvinís father, Thor, the thunder god, downright forbids it and starts messing with the weather, challenging his son. And if thatís not enough, Gavin has to keep his eye on Loki, god of pranks, because thereís no telling what he might do. But Galvin canít resist Isabella. She might just be the woman heíd give up his immortality for.

Struck By Lightning starts out slow, with the usual boy meets girl, followed by not really liking each other, and onto hot sexóin an elevator with security cameras, no less. Itís as if the author was trying to get all of that out of the way before she got to the meat of the story. Eventually, though, the story does become interesting, and I no longer had to resist the urge to put it aside for something else.

If you liked the movie Twister, youíll like Struck By Lightning, since thereís a bit of fast-paced storm chasing once the story gets going. The different Greek gods and goddesses of mythology add flavor to a pretty good read, and I found myself interested in reading future stories about Isabellaís friends and the immortals who drop into their lives.

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