Lethally Blond Review
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Not long ago, celebrity crime reporter Bailey Weggins met young aspiring actor Chris Wickersham. They had a short fling, which ended when Chris left New York to chase his dreams in LA. But now the buzz at celeb gossip mag Buzz is that Chris is back in town—and he’s the star of a new TV show called Morgue. It seems like super-stardom is just around the corner for Chris—and though Bailey’s still pining for Beau Regan, who left their relationship in limbo when he took off to film a documentary halfway around the world, she can’t help but daydream about Chris just the tiniest bit. Then, one day, Chris calls—but instead of begging her to take him back, Chris asks Bailey for help. His friend, Tom Fain, another actor on Morgue, has gone missing—and while most people seem to think that Tom just decided to leave town, Chris has a hard time believing that his friend would leave now, when he’s so close to his big break.

Since celebrities seem to be keeping themselves out of trouble these days, Bailey’s workload is pretty light—so she decides to go searching for the missing actor. She digs up girlfriends and ex-girlfriends and a few suspicious flings. She goes searching for old friends and acquaintances. Eventually, she finds Tom—but it looks like someone else got to him first. Now Bailey’s got a murder to solve, and it’s pretty clear that someone wants her off the case.

Like White’s last Bailey Weggins mystery, Over Her Dead Body, Lethally Blond is a fun and dishy guilty pleasure. If you’re intrigued by a little Hollywood gossip and celebrity back-stabbing, you’ll find it virtually impossible not to get caught up in the story. And though Bailey isn’t exactly the strongest or most original of characters, she gets into more than enough trouble to keep things interesting. But while the story provides plenty of possibilities to keep you guessing and playing along as you read, there aren’t many twists, and the conclusion is a bit obvious—which can be disappointing if, like me, you enjoy a bit of a challenge. The conclusion is also probably the least juicy of all the options—similar to White’s last mystery. And while I expect a book in a series to end with a few loose ends, some of those left hanging at the end of this book feel awkward—and it will be interesting to see if White picks them up again in her next book.

While Lethally Blond is still a light, enjoyable read that’s gossipy enough to keep most chick lit fans entertained, the conclusion isn’t as satisfying (or as surprising) as you might like—and that may be a disappointment for more serious mystery fans.

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