Danielís Mystery Egg Review
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Danielís Mystery Egg is a funny tale about a little boy who finds a strange small egg one day while heís playing. Daniel gets advice from many of his curious friends about the contents of the egg. One friend suggests that the egg contains an alligator and another suggests itís an ostrich, but Daniel seems to outsmart the group in his prediction of the eggís inhabitant.

Many of Danielís friends suggest that the eggís contents will completely change Danielís life. Heíll have to move because the egg contains a beast that canít be in a house. Or heíll have to train the mystery animal to be quiet so his parents donít find out he has a pet. Each of the suggestions is humorous, and kept my six-year-old interested in the story.

This Level 2 Green Light Reader is recommended for kids ages 5-7. Itís beautifully illustrated and is written in both English and Spanish. The Spanish version helped to keep my sonís interest, since heís learning Spanish at school. If this is not the case with your child, however, then the Spanish version may be confusing and distracting.

This is one of those books that youíll definitely enjoy for the first read, but itís not necessarily one youíll pick up over and over. My son and I both thought it was a fun and interesting story, but it probably wonít become one of our regular reads.

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