Cover Girl Confidential Review
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Addison McGhee is a successful television host, but that wasn’t always the case. Addison began life as Ada Sinmic Ghee, seeking release to America from a Turkish refuge camp. She spent the majority of her life trying to fit in with American style, surrounding herself with American pop culture. She read every issue of People magazine and every book written by Emily Post and Miss Manners.

Addison was always thoroughly embarrassed by her Turkish family and their ancient ways. Her father worked as a janitor at a slaughterhouse, and her mother worked at Wal-Mart. Although her parents were both hard-working individuals who came to America, found jobs, and made a steady living, Addison sought more. She wanted to be a star. She wanted to fit in and become American.

Finally, Addison’s dream comes true—when she becomes the host of an incredibly popular morning show. She rubs elbows with the stars—and she eventually becomes one of them. She even marries one of America’s golden boys. Her rags-to-riches story makes her endearing to her viewers. Not only do people want to be just like her, but most want to be her. She’s truly a star.

But suddenly Addison’s story takes a dramatic turn. She finds herself in jail, awaiting deportation, and her celebrity ranking is on a quick decline. She isn’t even exactly sure how she landed in this position. It could have been a jealous fit thrown by the First Lady. It could have been the assault on her husband. Or it could just be that, in her rise to stardom, she simply never became an American citizen. As you read, you’ll find yourself wondering if Addison will actually be deported—or if the First Lady will get her revenge. Will true happiness be in Addison’s future? Rush out to pick up a copy of Cover Girl Confidential and find out!

Addison’s story is both compelling and heartwarming. Bartlett does a wonderful job of bringing life to her characters and giving readers a good sense of Addison’s feelings and desires. Once you start reading Cover Girl Confidential, it’s very difficult to put down. Pages seem to flip faster than you realize, and you actually experience the ups and downs along with Addison.

This was my first Beverly Bartlett book (who also wrote Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle), but I’m sure it won’t be the last time I pick up a novel by this talented author.

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