The 6th Target Review
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Fred Brinkley opens fire on helpless victims from the top deck of a San Francisco ferry, killing four people and critically wounding Inspector Lindsay Boxer’s best friend, Chief Medical Examiner Claire Washburn. Both are members of the Women’s Murder Club—four friends who combine their knowledge to help catch criminals.

In another part of town, children of wealthy families are being kidnapped with their nannies, but the kidnappers aren’t asking for ransom. The families are warned that as long as they don’t involve the police, their children will remain alive and healthy.

Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano has been handed one of the toughest cases of her career—to prosecute a man who, from all points and circumstances, appears to be mentally ill. Is he? Or is he a clever actor?

Reporter Cindy Thomas moves into a new apartment building, only to be faced with her neighbors being murdered one by one. No one has a clue about how the killer is moving around in the building—but the killer’s motive is more chilling than you can imagine.

The city is in the grips of a disturbing crime spree as Lindsay, Claire, Yuki, and Cindy struggle to connect these terrifying crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The 6th Target is the sixth book in the Women’s Murder Club series about four women who come together and pool their individual expertise to help solve crimes. Lindsay Boxer is a cop, Claire Washburn is a medical examiner, Cindy Thomas is a reporter, and Yuki Castellano is a lawyer.

James Patterson knows how to lay down a compelling suspense and lead you through all the snarls and tangles until the crime is solved. Though there are three different crimes investigated throughout the course of The 6th Target, he managed not to confuse me. His writing is concise—not a lot of extra baggage here. So if you want a fast-paced crime thriller, you’ll get it with Mr. Patterson.

If you’ve never read James Patterson, I recommend starting with the first book in the Women’s Murder Club series, 1st Degree. He’s also known for the popular Alex Cross mysteries, some of which were made into movies starring my favorite actor, Morgan Freeman. If you’re already familiar with Mr. Patterson’s work, though, you’ll find that it doesn’t get much better than this—so sprint to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of The 6th Target.

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